SYM – Showcase Your Music – Episode 02

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SYM – Showcase your music – Episode 02 – Classic Drama is curated by film composer Patrick Cassidy.



It is always nice to hear a well composed piece of music that suits the genre. It is also good when the piece of music is beautiful and evocative in itself. In other words a piece that movies us even without the images.

Production Value

Programming is so important today particularly when the budget does not allow the composer to record with real orchestra. We now have orchestra samples that allow for incredibly realistic and beautiful orchestral renditions of the composers compositions. It is possible to produce a great score with samples alone.


A composer should have his own voice. It is necessary and beneficial to learn from great composers, but there should be something original at the core.


Music is capable of conjuring very strong emotions in the listener. Music can evoke images and feelings like no other art. This is why music plays such an important role in film.

Episode 02 – Classic Drama

I selected this category because quite a lot of my favourite films fall into this genre. 

Movies based in a historical setting and adaptations of classic novels or stories have a special appeal to me, especially if the film is well made and authentic.

Tsvetelyn Tsvetkov – Drama Theme

Very rich and romantic with a lovely melody on the oboe. Excellent composition, orchestration and programming. Very much a finished and complete piece. Favourite moment 1:05

Salvatore Maccarrone – Light Tension Cue

Evokes a sense of mystery. Beautiful ambient sound design with orchestra elements. Favourite moment 0:25

Mathieu Duguay – Beware Of Darkness

Sense of anticipation at beginning. Very light but detailed scoring allowing room for the piece to open up into a dramatic climax. Very polished production. Favourite moment 1:05

Aaron Ari Politi – Moon Breeze

Beautiful piano composition and very well performed. Nice string accompaniment in middle section. Favourite moment 0:30

Ozeryan Serge – Happy Lovers

Great guitar piece and excellent musicianship. It is so romantic. The production is very organic. The whole feeling is very reminiscent of European cinema. Favourite moment 1:33

Thanks everyone for submitting and thank you Patrick for this excellent episode. Stay tuned for more SYM and check episode 1 here if you missed it!

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Patrick Cassidy

Patrick Cassidy

A renowned Irish born composer of great distinction and reputation. Distinguished by his emergence as Ireland’s most prominent composer with the release of the Children of Lir, the BBC subsequently produced a documentary reflecting this seminal work. After graduating from The University of Limerick with a degree in Applied Mathematics, Patrick released his debut album, “Cruit” in 1988 which featured music by 17th an 18th century Irish Harpists adeptly arranged for both the Irish harp and a baroque ensemble. From this foundation, emerged his epochal work, “The Children of Lir,”. Other major “Works” include “Deirdre of the Sorrows”, “Immortal Memory”, “Famine Remembrance”, which had it's premiere at Saint Patrick's Cathedral, New York. Currently, Patrick Cassidy resides in Los Angeles where in addition to his concert work and compositions, he scores and collaborates on film and documentary projects. Notable credits include; Hannibal, Veronica Guerin, Confessions of a Burning Man, Salem’s Lot, King Arthur, Layer Cake, Che Guevara, Ashes and Snow, Kingdom of Heaven, The Front Line, L'Aviatore, Kill The Irishman, Calvary, 1916 The Irish Rebellion. Patrick’s sublime aria,“Vide cor Meum” was composed as a “mini” Opera for the Ridley Scott film, “Hannibal”.This aria has been presented at both the Oscar and Emmy Awards and “Vide cor Meum” has appeared in multiple top-ten lists and essential collections throughout the world including the Warner Classics CD, the “40 Most Beautiful Arias.” Significantly, Patrick Cassidy is noted in this distinctive collection as the only living composer. Patrick’s new opera “Dante” will premiere in 2021 as part of the Dante Anniversary Commemoration in Italy.

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