Our first sample library is FREE…

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…at least the lite version is! But fear not, it’s a rather amazing lite version!

What’s included

The Toy Piano-xylo lite features the “keys” articulation complete with release trigger key sounds. Create convincing toy-piano centred pieces with this FREE 4-dynamic-layers library.


We are curating a soundcloud playlist featuring your tracks composed with FST Toy Piano-xylo. Get in touch and send us a link to have your music featured below!

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The full version

A fun and versatile sample library, exclusively brought to Film Scoring Tips subscribers (subscriptions starting at 3$ a month). The Piano-xylo features multiple techniques/articulations. You need the full Kontakt (5+) to load it. Use the knobs to hear it played with keys (like a regular piano) or with mallets (like a xylophone). Raise or lower the keys noise triggered by a note’s release. Hold the sus pedal to play sustained notes. These can be either a normal trill or a more interesting sound obtained with some special tools: an electric toothbrush and a blender! The sustained notes’ dynamics can be controlled with the modulation wheel (CC1).

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Giovanni Rotondo

Giovanni Rotondo

Editor in Chief of Film Scoring Tips. Giovanni Rotondo is an experienced film and television composer based in London. He has scored many award winning feature films (Elijah and the Rock Creature, Orphans & Kingdoms), TV movies (Il Giudice Meschino, Il Confine), documentaries (Ilaria Alpi - L'Ultimo Viaggio) and video games (Thunderbird: The Legend Begins). More info here: giovannirotondo.com

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