The Beat Sync Calculator

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I am very proud to present a powerful tool that we are offering to all our readers for free! The Beat-Sync Calculator allows you to find the best tempo to hit all your sync points within a negligible margin of frames.

Aside from showing you how to use the calculator this mini-series will teach you a method to adapt your themes to any scene using a constant tempo.

Step 1: download the calculator

You can download the free Beat-Sync Calculator here. You’ll be prompted to log in your google drive where a copy of the calculator will be created. Open the newly created sheet and fly to step 2!

Step 2 (and 3, 4, 5….): watch the video below

Some things are easier to grasp when they are shown to you… So I thought I’d put together a video to demonstrate how to use the calculator. Click play below.

Need more features?

We have a more powerful version of this tool: the Beat-Sync Calculator Pro. It is available to our Patreon subscribers (subscriptions starting at only $3/month). The Pro version allows you to input up to 15 sync points, select smaller tempo increments for the display, select more subdivision options for your grid and has support for more frame rates (including drop frame).

If you’d like to go Pro check our premium content page.

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Giovanni Rotondo

Giovanni Rotondo

Editor in Chief of Film Scoring Tips. Giovanni Rotondo is an experienced film and television composer based in London. He has scored many award winning feature films (Elijah and the Rock Creature, Orphans & Kingdoms), TV movies (Il Giudice Meschino, Il Confine), documentaries (Ilaria Alpi - L'Ultimo Viaggio) and video games (Thunderbird: The Legend Begins). More info here:

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