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Here at Film Scoring Tips we know the importance of listening to the community. We value your opinion, your knowledge and your skills and we feel the only way to grow as artists and human beings is by helping each other. Therefore we are launching a number of series based on info/material submitted by YOU, our readers.

Active inputs

Below you can find a list of series for which we are collecting info/music/material along with instructions on how to participate. Some of them will give a limited number of readers the chance to be featured on the website. This could be either based on a first-come-first-served basis or follow a different set of criteria. To find out which is which please keep reading.

Filmmakers Feedback

Submission kind: bespoke music

Chance to get featured: yes

Selection criteria: first-come-first-served

A revolutionary podcast, Filmmakers Feedback puts your music at the centre! In every episode a different filmmaker assesses the music submitted by the readers based on a story she/he previously shared on FST.

Info and submission instructions here.

SYM – Showcase Your Music

Submission kind: music

Chance to get featured: yes

Selection criteria: handpicked by episode’s author

In this series an established composer selects a film genre and handpicks her/his favourite music among the tracks submitted by the readers community. The selected tracks are displayed in a beautifully formatted article (such as this one).

Info and submission instructions here.

Speaking the Universal Language

universal language

Submission kind: anonymous opinion

Chance to get featured: no

Composer Simon Whitehead is on the quest to examine how some musical terms, common in briefs, are interpreted differently by composers and filmmakers. The readers are encouraged to take part in this interesting experiment to build together a better vocabulary and hopefully isolate patterns that can help reach a major clarity when giving or receiving a brief.

Info and submission instructions here.

Composer website blueprint

Submission kind: personal websites

Chance to get featured: yes

Selection criteria: the best and most innovative pages

Everything you need to know when it’s time to get yourself a shiny new website. Based on the community’s input we are discovering the best ways a composer has to showcase her/his work on the internet. The articles’s topics are enriched with websites submitted by the readers. Aside from links, specific features are shown by mean of screenshots and videoclips to show the websites in action.

Submit using the form below:

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