SYM – Guidelines

SYM (Showcase Your Music) is a periodical column aimed at helping you sharing your best works with the world.

Every month we pick a theme and ask members of our community to submit their best track composed in the style described. The best pieces are then showcased in an article published on Film Scoring Tips and all our social media accounts a few weeks later.

There is no fee to participate and no prize to be won. But we highly encourage you to take part of this initiative if you wish to amplify your reach and get constructive feedback from the community and the crew.

A few rules

Participating is pretty straight-forward. We kindly ask you to respect the following rules, designed to make sure everyone has a great experience.

We reserve the right to disqualify any entry that we deem disrespectful of our guidelines.

Where to post?

To submit your work please head over to our facebook group Film Composers United. If you aren’t a member yet click on the “join the group” button, answer the questions that will pop-up and we’ll review your application ASAP.

Check for the latest SYM post and use the comments section to attach a link to your selected work.

Stay on topic

Please make sure your track is in fact written in the style described by the month’s theme. Themes will span among the most common film/soundtrack genres. Sometimes a theme will encompass a broad range of styles while some other times it will be more specific. If in doubt don’t be afraid to ask.

One track

We kindly ask you to only share one track, the one you are most proud of.

Preferred link types

We encourage you links of music hosted on any popular music sharing platform. Soundcloud for example. Links from youtube are ok as long as there is no moving visual component (still graphic/artwork is ok).

Be original

Please do not submit music that is a “sound-alike”. We encourage composers to write and share music that is original and fresh.

You must own all rights

You are welcome to either composer a new piece ad hoc or to pick one from your portfolio. Please only post tracks for which you own all rights (publishing rights included) and masters.

Keep it online

Please make sure your link will stay live after you post it. Especially if it is selected for the showcase article.

Help us build a sense of community

Be a good sport and encourage other participant by liking and commenting their submissions. Those who will do so will have better chance to be selected. Words of encouragement, constructive criticisms, technical questions/remarks are more than welcome. Anti-social vocabulary and or behaviour will not be tolerated and will result in you being banned from the group.

Check the deadline

Lastly please refer to each episode’s post on Film Composers United to learn how much time is left until the deadline. When the deadline will be reached the comments will be closed and it will no longer be possible to participate.

Good luck

Well, what are you waiting for? Jump aboard, and good luck!